Children's norms for the Visual Retention Test : Multiple Choice Form I



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Norms were developed for children on the Visual Retention Test: Multiple Choice Form I (VRT-MC). The VRT-MC is a 16-item multiple-choice test consisting of complex geometric figures. Two administrations were used: memory and form discrimination. Standardization sample was composed of 412 children aged 5-3 to 11-0. Children were tested in intact classrooms using slide projections of the VRT-MC items. Raw scores for both administrations showed a steady age increment through 9-0, the effective ceiling of the test. Test-retest reliability estimates were .56 for memory and .74 for form discrimination. KR-20 estimates were .73 for memory and .83 for form discrimination. Performance was not affected by ethnic background or seating arrangement. Performance was found to be significantly correlated with age and non-significantly correlated with IQ. Recommendations for future research included: further validity studies, use of machine-scorable answer sheets, qualitative analysis of errors, and replication in other geographic locations. A diagnostic model is presented for filtering visual perceptual disabilities. Study was described as first step toward development of a motor-free test of visual perception to be used in conjunction with Benton's Visual Retention Test.