A study of written spelling among students in grades four, eight, and twelve utilizing the 900 words of the Reading-spelling vocabulary program

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Problem and Purpose. In 1978 Stetson developed the Reading-Spelling Vocabulary Program, a list of 900 high frequency words claimed to be important for both reading and spelling. Although the words have been rank ordered for reading difficulty (Stetson, 1980; White, 1980), no research has been conducted to rank order the word list for written spelling or to compare order of difficulty between spelling and reading. Therefore, this study was designed to answer two questions: 1. Are there differences in rank order of difficulty for the 900 words between written spelling and reading? 2. Are there differences in the spelling accuracy of selected words written for students in 1983 (Loveless) and 1954 (Greene)? [...]

English language--Orthography and spelling--Ability testing