A presentation of the simulation language SEA designed for the use of non-computer originated personnel in the solution of scheduling problems



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Many waiting line type problems can only be solved by simulation. Simulation, although very effective, must invariably be programmed and run on a high speed digital computer. To reduce programming time, a number of simulation languages have been written. One of these, MHSS, was written by Dr. C. E. Donaghey for application to materials handling problems. This is a very easy program to use and proved effective in numerous instances. So many non-material handling situations, however, were visualized to which with little or no modification MHSS could apply, that it was decided to generalize MHSS and demonstrate its power. The result is SEA - a service effectiveness analyzer, applicable to practically any waiting line or scheduling type problems and requiring no computer experience of the user. The paper provides a complete guide for using SEA and includes an application to a real and non-industrial system in a Houston hospital.