The Perception and Recognition of Organizational Citizenship Behavior, From Hotel Guests: The Influence of Gender and Traditional Attitudes



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In general, organizational citizenship behavior or OCB refers to constructive or cooperative gestures that are neither mandatory, nor directly or contractually compensated for by formal organizational reward systems (Allen & Rush, 2001). Although there has been a substantial amount research regarding the perception and recognition of organizational citizenship behavior within interpersonal relationships, such as employee and management, there has yet to be significant research studying the perception and recognition of OCB within the employee and customer relationship. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to discover whether or not the gender differences associated with OCB, are also applicable when considered from the customer’s perspective, and, the degree to which the customer agrees with traditional or egalitarian gender roles influences perspective. This research studies the influence of gender and traditional values on the perception and recognition of organizational citizenship behavior from hotel guests.



Hospitality management, Gender studies, Organizational Citizenship Behavior