A Ratiometric Probe for Rapid Evaluation of Transfer Hydrogenation Efficiency

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The aim of this thesis is to design and synthesize a luminescent cyclometalated Ir(III) complex with ratiometric response to transfer hydrogenation reaction, intended for better understanding and quantifying the Small-Molecule Intracellular Metal Catalysts (SIMCats) efficiency. Chapter 1 gives an introduction to luminescent probes, cyclometalated Ir complexes, transfer hydrogenation reaction, and SIMCats. It provides background knowledge and shows how we designed the ratiometric Ir complex (RIC). Chapter two shows the experimental procedure and results from synthesis, characterization, photophysical properties studies, and the transfer hydrogenation studies using a plate reader. The RIC575 probe coverts to RIC525 upon reduction, exhibiting a 50 nm hypsochromic shift in its emission maximum. This hypsochromic shift was later proved to be significant enough for ratiometric quantification. 10 different Cp*Ir catalysts were study with RIC575 using well plate and plate reader.

ratiometric probes, cyclometalated iridium complex, small-molecule intracellular metal catalysts, transfer hydrogenation reaction