Cyberwar: The ISIL Threat & Resiliency in Operational Technology



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This paper illustrates observations of ISIL cyber power, from digital information operations and intelligence, to operational security and desired future capabilities. Also examines open-source material and reporting on US cyber operations against ISIL and leadership statements from the DoD and others in US government. Lastly, offers a prescriptive component that connects desired outcomes for diplomatic activities and military operations aimed against ISIL in the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) area of responsibility (AOR). Examines the foundations of resilience as it applies to OT systems, specifically those characterized by the Purdue Architecture model. Paper postulates the need for/existence of/opportunity of a resilience layer inside the Purdue architecture. Also, illustrating details of the varying characteristics a resilient system will exhibit.



ISIL, ISIS, Resilience, Resilience, ICS, SCADA, Industrial controls systems, Operational Technology, Cyber