Redefining collage as a process : the impact of technology on eight selected visual arts forms



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The development of art materials and technical resources has become so great that the major forms of the visual arts which in the past have, for the most part, been considered separate, now merge and overlap to such an extent that any attempt at delineating boundaries is artificial. The researcher believed that art education would benefit by a study of past and present materials development within the visual arts because of the possibility that new perspectives of aesthetic and educational value might appear. Rather than remaining unaware of new information and resources, art educators, more appropriately, should continuously seek to remain informed of any innovations which offer new sources of strength for teaching. The study was divided into three major parts. The main portion began with the Review of the Literature and a discussion of definitions of collage and its history. Current trends in art show an increasing process-orientation toward art requiring a variety of skills on the part of the artist as art forms merge. A series of time lines next traced the technological evolution of eight selected visual art forms, portraying some of the most significant dates in the development of man-made materials and art processes from man"s earliest beginnings to 1981 AD. Their function was primarily to indicate to the reader the correlation between the invention of tools and materials and the corresponding appearance of particular art forms and methods of expression. The final portion began with a discussion of the impact of technology on the United States since 1800, and included possible effects upon the artist and art educator. The summary emphasized the need for art educators to increase speed of application of new technological resources available to them. Suggestions were cited for art education in regard to overall attitude changes and technological skills needed to stay in step with change. Suggested applications at all levels from elementary through higher education were included.



Collage, Art and technology