Analyzing Teacher Retention Rates: Movement Trends within Texas



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The public school teaching profession is often cited as "undervalued" by society in terms of how much it provides compared to how much it receives. Many reports state teachers leaving at alarmingly high rates due to a variety of reasons. Previous research indicates a national 8% of teachers leaving every year with emphasis on factors behind attrition rather than the teachers' destinations. This research project looks into exactly how teachers in Texas are moving and where they are moving through an in-depth data analysis of teachers, schools, and districts. The data used is from the Center for Research, Evaluation and Advancement of Teacher Education (CREATE), which contains comprehensive information of all public school teachers. With distinctions of how a teacher moves such as leaving the school but staying in the same district, the data shows that each scale of movement is roughly similar as time progressed. Throughout the state of Texas, net movement data shows that large city school districts are losing teachers while those suburban school districts are gaining districts; there is no discernable trend among rural districts.



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