A statistical analysis of selected Houston area pastors' responses to the postulates of O. Hobart Mowrer's integrity therapy



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  1. Hobart Mowrer has hypothesized that pastoral counselors have abdicated their authority in the field of mental health, basing their counseling on Freudian theory. To attempt to test this hypothesis Houston area clergy were asked to respond to a questionnaire consisting of 40 statements representing Mowrer's anti-Freudian theoretical formulation formally known as integrity therapy. The sample consisted of 105 subjects representing the Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Jewish faiths. To obtain a preference level score the responses of the subjects were scaled from one (strongly agree) to four (strongly disagree). Whether or not the general mean item score was more or less than 2.5 would indicate a preference level. Six variables were correlated with the criterion, preference level score. The 5% level of significance was used to evaluate the results. The only two variables that were significantly associated with the pastors' attitudes toward integrity therapy were age and years of ministerial experience; preference for integrity therapy tended to increase with age and years of ministerial experience. [...]



Pastoral counseling., Mowrer, Orval Hobart,--1907-1982.