Involvement of faculty in the change process for promoting improvement of teaching styles



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Introduction. Teaching styles, it is said, can affect learning, especially in the low level students or those of little capacity. Further, in Mexico the situation regarding the professors of Higher Education, in particular in the Professional Schools, who do not have knowledge about Education, in issues such as: teaching, learning, and evaluation. Only recently some programs seem to be emerging, particularly for the training of teachers for Higher Education. Statement of the Problem. Many of the universities have established a Department of Education for the purpose of improving teaching and have given workshops or seminars, but most of the professors have only improved or increased their curriculum, and few their teaching learning processes. It was convenient not to impose teaching styles, but rather, involve the professors in bringing about the change regarding their instructional systems, as well as teaching styles. The problem of this study was to determine the influence that faculty involvement had on the change process of the Biological Sciences Institute and Dentistry School at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara. A major assumption underlying this study was that professors who were involved in the developmental process were more responsive to change and therefore more receptive to alternative teaching styles, than those not involved. [...]



College teachers--Training of--Mexico--Guadalajara, College teaching