A Descriptive Study of PLATO As A Proposition For Regular Education Classrooms



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The study describes the historical timeline for public schooling, multicultural education, educational trends and PLATO (Programmed Logic for Automated Teaching Operations). More specifically, the literature highlights the self-paced practice of PLATO. Since the luminescence of the healthcare referendum has grown dim, education has taken the forefront in the political spectrum. The sense of urgency to revamp the current system is partly due to America’s global ranking. The literature review has left the quench to explore a derivative of PLATO as an option in the regular education classroom.
A combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies will be explored. Two district administrators, instrumental in acquiring PLATO for a southeast Texas district, will be interviewed; and, culminating data will be shared in the forms of cross tabulations, frequency tables, and graphs using archival data furnished by the district. Specially requested were the demographic - i.e. gender, ethnicity, age, socioeconomic status - of the 2010-2011 enrollees along with the number of credits recovered. The results of this study will be viable for districts which are on the cutting edge of transforming schools for 21st century learners.



PLATO, Educational trends, Instructional practices