Experimental stress analysis of a structural pipe "T" joint



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Results of a strain gage test conducted on a structural "T" joint are reported. The "T" joint was formed by welding a 7 inch pipe to an 18 inch pipe. The 18 inch pipe was supported only at the ends and was loaded at mid-span by pulling axially on the 7 inch pipe. This construction simulates the conditions which occur frequently in the joints for offshore drilling platform pile templates. Moderate loadings applied to the 7 inch pipe resulted in local yielding in the wall of the 18 inch pipe. The magnitudes of the local stresses found experimentally were compared to the stresses determined analytically using an approach developed by P. P. Bijlaard. The correlation for this test was very good and Bijlaard's method is recommended for design when using pipe sizes with relative dimensions similar to the ones used in this test. It is hoped that this thesis will stimulate interest in further experimental investigations which will more fully correlate the available analytic approach.