The effects of a course in family life sex education on knowledge regarding sexuality of mentally retarded adults residing in a community residential facility



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Introduction and Problem Statement. The move toward deinstitutionalization and integration of mentally retarded individuals into the community has resulted in numbers of retarded individuals taking their place within society at a level commensurate with their abilities. This move into the mainstream of society has not been without problems for the retarded and the community into which they have moved. One area which has presented problems is the area of sexuality. The sexual behavior of the retarded and his/her ability to function within the sexual mores of society plays an important role in whether or not the retarded person is accepted as a member of the community. One way to assist the retarded in this sphere is to provide him/her with knowledge on which he/she can base decisions and solve problems related to sexuality and sexual behavior. Purpose. Although there is a proliferation of sex education materials for the mentally retarded (Rosen, Clark, & Kivitz, 1977), little has been done to empirically test the effectiveness of these materials (Gordon, 1977). The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a course in Family Life Sex Education for mentally retarded adults living and working in a community setting. [...]



Sex instruction for people with disabilities, People with disabilities, Sex instruction