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Pediatric obesity is now of epic proportions in the United States. Pediatric overweight and obesity now affect more than 30 percent of children, making it the most common chronic disease of childhood. The current clinics and hospital environments make it difficult to recover as well. Children are now spending less and less time outside learning and connecting with their environment, some not even knowing where our food is coming from. The proposed project converges clinic, education, and landscape, questioning the idea of efficiency and institutional character of a typical clinic and using landscape as a method of healing and learning. The building becomes the frame for these landscape spaces and dissolves into nature. Each of the programs is spread out throughout the site, connected by a low slope and nature. The development of space educates the children and their families as preventative care as well as a place for rehabilitation for those who are already suffering from unhealthy lifestyles.



Landscape, Architecture, Clinic


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