A case study of parents' and program implementors' perceptions of early childhood intervention programs



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The purpose of this study was to investigate the desirability and likelihood of early childhood intervention (ECI) programs from the point of view of program implementors and parents of infants who are attending ECI programs living in a metropolitan and a rural area. This study also investigated whether differences existed between the metropolitan parents and the rural parents. The sample consisted of 40 metropolitan and 31 rural parents whose infants were enrolled in ECI programs in Texas. Interviews were conducted with 19 program implementors. A desirability/likelihood questionnaire was administered to the parents. The instrument was used to identify and forecast 21 event statements related to the most to least desirable and likely service delivery components. A mean desirability and likelihood score by event was determined for the metropolitan and the rural sample. A two-tailed t-test was used to determine significant differences. [...]



Children with disabilities, Child development, Childcare