The relation between elementary school teachers' attitudes toward mathematics and their students' attitudes



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Mathematics and reading attitudes as measured by a revised version of The Fennema-Sherman Mathematics Attitude Scale for teachers and a revised version of The Attitude toward Mathematics Scale for students, was used to determine relation between teachers' and students' attitudes toward mathematics and reading. Forty five teachers and their 1013 students were involved in this study. Although the students' attitudes toward mathematics dependent upon which teacher they have, no significant relation between students' and teachers' mathematics attitudes was found. However, there was a significant relation between teachers' and studets' reading attitudes. The students' reading attitudes were more negative than their mathematics attitudes. Female teachers' students had more negative mathematics attitudes than male teachers'. These results may be a result of the greater amount of time spent teaching reading as compared to mathematics, or because the teacher scale may have been more related to mathematics anxiety than mathematics attitudes.



Mathematics--Study and teaching--Psychological aspects, Mathematics--Study and teaching (Elementary)