Acceptance of technological change in the public schools



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Historically, the introduction of a technological innovation into public schools often brings about no real change. The need for change, and the growing concern about the high costs of education, can be addressed by enhancing expensive human labor with technology. Such technology could involve the use of microcomputers to aid both teachers and students, with the objective of improving the productivity of the educational enterprise. A major purpose of this research was to discover what factors are important when technological changes are successfully accepted in public schools. The particular focus was the acceptance and use of microcomputer technology. The relationships between the degree of acceptance of computer technology and several organizational variables were investigated. A literature review of pertinent variables indicated that personal attitudes as determined by background and experience and the perceived environment can influence a person's behavior concerning the acceptance of technological change. In this study personal attitudes were measured by noting age and previous experience as well as a person's background and gender. The perceived environment was measured by documenting how well each person's social and achievement needs were met by colleagues and students, and how creative the school climate was. [...]



Educational technology