Activistas: Central American Women’s Representation, Writing, and Cultural Production in the United States



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This research examines the representation of Central American women in US cultural production. This study is separated into four chapters. The first two chapters survey the role of Central American women written from the male gaze through an intersectional feminist lens. The latter half of this study focuses on US Central American women’s work in deconstructing patriarchal systems and the innovative ways they create spaces for this work to be done. In summary, I sustain that Central American women are dismantling the literary canon as well as decolonizing and reclaiming their subjectivity. Via their written word and cultural production, Central American women in the United States challenge prescribed androcentric norms that place them in subservient positions. Through their prose and poetry, as well as through working groups, magazines, anthologies, community gatherings, and digital spaces, Central American women have contested their misrepresentation in the United States.



US Central American, Latinx, Central American, Feminism, Intersectionality