A study of the relationship between parental dominance and the conflict and understanding that exists between adolescent and parent in self selected white middle class pairs



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This study examines the effect of parental dominance in the home upon the conflict of opinion between adolescent/parent pairs and upon the understanding that adolescents and parents have of each other's opinion. The researcher extended the assumptions of Edgar Friedenberg, concerning dominant social expectations of adolescents, to the context of parental dominance in the home. Empirical data were obtained from twenty-nine adolescent/parent pairs. The participants were high school youth (grades 10-12) from selected church youth groups and their parents of the same sex who volunteered to take part in the research project. Each pair completed an instrument designed to measure the opinions held by adolescents and parents of hte adolescent role, his privileges and responsibilities. The measure of conflict of opinion was determind by summing the difference between the responses of the members of the pair on each item. The measure of understanding was determined by the ability of each member of the pair to predict the response of the other. [...]



Parental dominance, Adolescents