Ross Shaw Sterling



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Ross Shaw Sterling was one of the most remarkable men Texas has produced. He was a successful businessman, Highway Commissioner, Governor, husband, and father. From an humble beginning, he rose to great heights both in finance and politics. His high principles as well as his sense of duty and honor caused him to give his full devotion to his state in the days of crisis occasioned by the "Great Depression", neglecting his personal affairs for his civic obligations. When he was inaugurated as Governor, he was one of the wealthiest men of the state but when he left the office two years later, he had lost his fortune and was in debt. There can be no question of Ross Sterling's honesty and sincerity. At fifty-eight, in straitened circumstances and defeated in his campaign for re-election, he faced the tremendous task of rebuilding his fortune. The important factor was not that he succeeded in so doing but that he had the courage to begin again. [...]