Perceptions of interpersonal competencies of administrators as perceived by three referent groups



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Purpose. This body of research was proposed to study the interpersonal domain to ascertain the relationship, if any, between interpersonal values and group role behaviors of a selected group of administrators. PROCEDURE Sample. The subjects for this study were administrators within the Houston Independent School District. Four levels of administration were represented. These levels are: (1) central office superintendents; (2) area office superintendents; (3) building level principals and; (4) directors or supervisors of instructional programs. Instruments. Data that were used in this study were collected utilizing two instruments; (1) "A Survey of Interpersonal Values," by Leonard V. Gordon and; (2) the "Interpersonal Rating Form," by Robert Freed Bales. Gordon's instrument provided measures in six categories: Support, Conformity, Recognition, Independence, Benevolence, and Leadership. These values are considered to be important in the individual's personal, social, marital and occupational adjustment. Group roles were assessed by Bales' instrument. Measurements were made in three dimensions: Upward-downward (dominance). Positive-negative (interaction in the affective domain). Forward-backward (task orientation). Findings An assessment of scores on the Survey of Interpersonal Values test showed the highest group average in the area of Benevolence thus focusing on the human element. The next highest areas in descending order were Support, Conformity, Independence, Leadership, and Recognition. The Interpersonal Rating Form scores were analyzed on the three dimensions which are Upward-downward, Positive-negative, and Forward-backward. The administrators were perceived as exhibiting neutrality in the Upward-Downward and Forward-Backward group role behavior, but a very marked Positive role behavior was perceived. Persons possessing such behavior type tend to be friendly, sociable, and interactive or people oriented.