The isolation of serological mutants of the male specific RNA containing bacteriophage MS2



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During the course of this study a technique has been devised for the isolation of serological mutants of the bacteriophage MS2. Five of these mutants have been isolated. By comparison of the K values of the reaction of the mutants with MS2 antiserum, it is seen that they show a large variation In their serological properties. There is reason to believe that all these mutants represent relatively small changes in the coat protein. If this is true, it indicates that the serological properties of the protein are affected more by the types of amino acid substitutions and/or the location of the changes rather than the number of changes. The method of storage of the antisera is shown to affect its inactivation properties. Antisera stored at full concentration does not give first order kinetics of inactivation, while antisera stored at various dilutions under given conditions does give first order inactivation of the phage.