A general purpose operating system for a Microdata 1600/30 : the file system, input-output and some processors



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Part of the implementation of a general purpose operating system for a mini-computer, the Microdata 1600/30, is presented. This operating system, with a resident of only 4K bytes, works in a minimum configuration of 16K bytes. It may be used both in a batch configuration, with a spooling system, and in a stand-alone configuration, enabling the user to interact with its programs , during their executions. The part described in this thesis includes: the File system and its disk drivers, the system Input-Output and the processors FITE, IO, ASSEMBLE, LOAD. The FITE processor deals with the management of the files ( random access files, sequential access files which may be permanent or temporary and are accessed by a symbolic name). The IO processor deals with the change of Input or Output medium. The LOAD processor handles relocatable or absolute files as well as Library files. The description of the rest of the system may be found in the master thesis of Jean-Luc Konrat ( June, 1975 ).