Poniatowska y sus siete cabritas dentro del imaginario nacional mexicano



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The Mexican national imaginary contains specific norms that define women. In Las siete cabritas, Elena Poniatowska narrates the lives of world-renowned Mexican artists and writers: Frida Kahlo, Guadalupe Amor, Nahui Olin, Maria Izquierdo, Elena Garro, Rosario Castellanos, and Nellie Campobello. The research observes the mechanisms of restriction used against the seven iconic women who, in turn, have greatly defined Mexico's culture and arts. Furthermore, the research identifies connections between the seven women and their holistic depiction by Poniatowska. The basis for the research centers around an exhaustive analysis of Las siete cabritas and the links between the creative, artistic and literary works of Poniatowska and the seven artists. Additionally, the research defines the cultural and historical parameters that dictated life in twentieth century Mexico. Finally, the research explores the reasons behind Poniatowska's selection of the seven women and how they have influenced the future of Mexican arts.