A multiwire driftchamber



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In this thesis a design for a multiwire driftchamber with high voltage signal wires is studied. The effects of critical parameters such as gas pressure, attachment, and gas mixtures are reported. The workings of the multiwire driftchamber are described. A computer program to study the effects of geometrical factors such as wire spacing and plane separation on equipotential surfaces is also written and reported. The dimensions of a multiwire driftchamber are given in detail. These dimensions include a counting area of 10" by 16" and a wire spacing and grounded foil separation of 1 1/8". Finally, the results of tests made with three different gas mixtures are presented. These tests resulted in a driftchamber that performed very favorably. The gas mixture of 84% argon, 9% methane, and 7% isobutane yielded a linear curve with a slope of 264.10 nsec/inch, thereby showing that a driftchamber with high voltage signal wires was indeed possible to use as a detector^