High-Magnification Digital Staining of FTIR Spectroscopic Images



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Histopathology, the examination of molecular and microscopic structures, is essential in tissue analysis and disease diagnosis. It currently relies on the use of dyes and stains to label the morphology and the chemical composition of tissue samples. It relies heavily on human interpretation of the tissue and the chemical staining process has several limitations in histopathologic examinations. FTIR spectroscopic imaging has seen groundbreaking success in the characterization of tissue, but has yet to provide practical pathological examination of biopsies. In an attempt to build a bridge between modern spectroscopic imaging techniques and current clinical research, digital staining aims to make a rapid and quantitative solution available by providing additional molecular and morphological information for pathology. In this work, we develop digital staining techniques that can be applied to high-magnification samples collected using Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) and discrete-frequency infrared (DFIR) images.



Conventional histopathology, Fourier transforms, Digital staining