A comparison of upper primary language arts goals and testing in selected school districts



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Problem. The study was initiated to assure the evaluation of the attainment of language arts goals. The study compared the goals, as found in the curriculum bulletins of selected school districts, with standardized achievement tests used to measure their attainment. Procedures. The procedures included a pilot project, consultations with a psychologist, obtaining the selected districts' cooperation, training seven elementary school teachers to be judges, and determining the relevance of the goals and test items. The judges classified the goals' and test items' contents by using an instructional element framework which contained communication skills recommended by several authorities in the language arts. The judges also analyzed the behavior aspects of the goals and test items by using the classification devices developed in the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives Handbook I: Cognitive Domain1 and Handbook II: Affective Domain.2 In rating the goals' and test items' relevance, the judges used a point-value scale suggested by a leader in testing. [...]