The development and comparison of a model industrial advisory council for the technical-vocational program of the community college



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The philosophy of the community college typically has a "meet the community needs" orientation. Recent growth of the community college movement has been accompanied by an emphasis on technical-vocational occupational preparation programs. The objective of this investigation was to develop a rationale for a model advisory council. The model rationale was based on identifying and recording the structure, composition, and role of such a body. The resulting model was subsequently compared with practices existing in each of eighteen participating community colleges. Twenty large metropolitan areas (1,000,000 population) were analyzed in this study. Employment data for each metropolitan area were analyzed, resulting in a proposed advisory council for each college/metropolitan area. For model comparison purposes, a questionnaire concerning advisory councils was sent to twenty community colleges in the metropolitan areas examined. Concurrently, information concerning statutory or other legal requirements related to advisory councils was requested from the state directors of technical-vocational education in the sixteen states containing the twenty communities in the study. [...]