A Photonic Quantum Sensor

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This thesis characterizes a quantum node comprising an atom and a microresonator. The electric field of the microresonator is simulated using the finite element method. An approximating analytical solution of the microresonator is proposed and compared to the finite element method simulation. Different microresonators are compared for efficicacy in a quantum node. The response of the resonator to the input field in the presence of an atom is characterized. Two quantum nodes are connected to form a quantum circuit, and the quantum circuit's response to an input field is calculated. The conclusion reached is that it is possible to develop a sensor consisting of multiple quantum nodes to detect the presence of an atom.

Microresonator, Quantum, Sensors, Atom, Rubidium, Cesium, Finite element method, Microtoroid, Toroidal, Microdisk, Microring, Microspheres, Quantum circuit, Quantum node, Coupling, Optical fiber, Resonator