Cortesía Convencional versus Cortesía Interpretada: Estudio Del Habla DE Colombia



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Politeness in speech is a complex phenomenon which requires a detailed and profound analysis. This linguistic phenomenon can not be understood only under the conventional perspective of the universal models that govern traditional politeness. Normative or conventional politeness in most languages of the world has generated a series of guidelines or “rules” to follow if one intends to be polite in a conversation. Spanish is not an exception to this categorization of forms of treatment that are polite or impolite and which have been adopted as “the norm.” However, this traditional politeness does not always match with what certain linguistic communities of the world interpret has politeness. In this research a contrast is made between the conventions of traditional politeness and the interpretation of politeness by certain linguistic communities. This contrast which will be demonstrated reveals the discrepancy between the orthodox and universal perspectives of politeness and the interpretation of politeness by certain groups of speakers en various localities of the planet



Politeness, Cortesía, Colombia, Barranquilla, Bogotá