Crystal field treatment of high spin cobalt (II) and rhodium (II) complexes in D[lowered 4h] symmetry



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The determination of the energies of the symmetry states resulting from the application of a crystal, ionic field of D[lowered 4h] symmetry on a metal ion with high spin d[raised 7] configuration has been completed. The energies of the states were determined by operator techniques and are presented in terms of the splitting parameters Ds, Dt, and Dq. The effects of the configuration interaction parameter [delta], the nephelauxetic constant and the many electron spin-orbit coupling parameter [lambda] on the energies of the states were also determined. The crystal field model was applied to a 4d[raised 7] high spin compound, binuclear rhodium (II) acetate, and several 3d[raised 7] high spin complexes. The 3d[raised 7] complexes were those of cobalt (II) with Schiff Base ligands and with trifluoro-, hexafluoro- and unsubstituted acetyl acetone. The values of the parameters which give a reasonable fit to the experimental data are given.