Improving Well-Being With Naber: Creating A Mobile App Experience to Help People Move and Thrive in a New Neighborhood



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Millions of Americans move each year to a new location. Moving can have negative impacts on the movers’ well-being, as they may experience stress due to changes in their routines or feel mentally paralyzed by the multiple decisions that must be made during the process. The goal of this thesis was to develop a digital tool through a user-centered research and design process in order to help with relocation and positively impact the well-being of those who relocate. This thesis conducted four phases of research to find a solution. During the first phase, a direction was determined by reviewing previous publications, conducting interviews, conducting an online survey, and analyzing existing tools. This phase discovered the importance of becoming familiar with a new location due to the positive impact that finding a compatible neighborhood can have on well-being. Furthermore, this phase found that becoming familiar with a new area can be difficult as individuals must consult multiple resources to do so, and the information learned is not always accurate. An opportunity was discovered for those relocating to get digital assistance with finding and exploring compatible neighborhoods. Learning about neighborhood amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, gyms, parks, and local recreation will help individuals gain a good understanding of whether or not they want to live in a specific neighborhood. During the second phase, a concept of a mobile application was developed that focused on this opportunity. This concept helped the user find a compatible neighborhood by directing him or her down a path that leads to concise yet important information about the neighborhood. During the third phase, three iterations of the mobile application were developed into digital, clickable prototypes and tested with potential users. This testing verified the usability and need of the mobile application to quickly create a more effective solution. Results were analyzed and a final design was proposed in the fourth phase. Through four phases of research, this study created a solution that can help people learn about a new area and find a compatible neighborhood while providing a positive impact on their well-being.



Industrial design, Interaction design, Design research, User experience, UI/UX, Well-being, Neighborhood compatibility, Relocation, Relocation preparation