An analysis of selected factors of attrition and retention of freshmen at Sam Houston State College



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The purposes of this study were: (1) to determine the reasons for the high rate of freshman attrition at Sam Houston State College with implications for reducing it, (2) to determine the factors that are most important in retaining the entering freshmen of Sam Houston State College, and (3) to analyze selected institutional factors as well as selected student factors related to attrition of Sam Houston State College freshmen. The study was limited to the freshmen who enrolled in college for the first time in September, 1966, and the period of investigation was limited to the freshman year. The students were divided into two groups; namely, the drop out group and the retention group. The drop-out group included the freshmen who dropped out of Sam Houston State College before September, 1967, and the retention group included the freshmen who enrolled one year later in September, 1967. Two questionnaires were designed for the study, one for the drop-out group and one for the retention group. A total of 1|13 useable questionnaires were returned, 161 of the withdrawal group and 252 of the retention group. [...]



College freshmen, Texas, Sam Houston State University