Influence of fasting and alloxan diabetes on the active transport of monosaccharides by the rat intestine



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The characterization of the intestinal absorption of D-glucose, D-galactose, and 3-0-methyl glucose in the Long-Evans male rat was carried out using the in vitro method of Crane and Wilson. On the basis of mapping studies, the mid-jejunum was isolated as the area of greatest absorption. The effects of fasting at 24, 48, and 72 hours on the intestinal absorption of the above sugars were studied with the same in vitro method. The rate of active transport of all the test sugars were increased by the fasting periods. An in vitro study of the effects of alloxan diabetes of 3-4 days, 8-9 days, 21-22 days, 55 days, 125 days, and 180 days post-alloxan duration on the intestinal absorption of D-glucose and 3-0-methyl glucose was undertaken. The active transport of both monosaccharides was increased at both the short-term and long-term diabetic intervals. A histological study of the intestine of short-term alloxan diabetic rats was carried out. It was found that the mucosa of short-term diabetics was thinner than normal controls. A study of the effects of alloxan diabetes on the length of the small intestine was completed. A mechanism for the increased absorption observed in both fasting and alloxan diabetes is proposed.