Numerical Study of Wing Morphing Aerodynamic Properties in Low Reynolds Number Flow



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Wing morphing technology is gradually replacing the mechanical wing flaps, elevators, and rudders of fixed-wing aircraft. Since this technology is relatively new, much research is left to be done into the aerodynamic properties of these controlled wing deformations. The current study is part of a bigger project that determines the optimum way for a wing to deform in order to effectively generate lift while taking off. The current study validates that the ANSYS Fluent code produced computational fluid dynamics simulations that produced similar results to those already published. The aerodynamic phenomena of hysteresis is used in order to compare results. Both methods of changing the airfoil’s angle of attack, by spatially moving the boundary condition and by altering the boundary condition, produce the same results. ANSYS Fluent is a formidable code to use for further study of wing morphing.