A study of the organizational climate within a selected school district and its relationship to social character structure of the district leaders



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Increased attention to organizational study is not uncommon when one considers that individuals spend most of their life in some form of organizational membership. The significance of any organizational study is enhanced with careful consideration and selection of those critical areas that control proper organizational functioning. With the increasing size and complexity of today's modern school districts, the problems, duties, and responsibilities of effective management become crucial to the administrator in his leadership role. The purpose of this study was to assess certain dimensions of organizational structure within a selected school district. These dimensions were based on the works of Likert and Taylor and Bowers and included: (1) leadership, (2) organizational climate, (3) teacher satisfaction, (4) group processes, (5) peer behavior, and (6) communication. A secondary purpose was to investigate leadership behavior based on Riesman's concepts of the inner-directed and other- directed social character structure. Results related to leadership and organizational climate. A third purpose was to assess for reliability of a new evaluative model derived from the correlation of two instruments, the SOQ and the IOSPS, previously adapted to industrial organizational assessment. [...]