Preliminary investigation of a cognitive approach to understanding physiological reactivity in type A individuals



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This pilot study represents an initial attempt to integrate aspects of two cognitive models of the stress process in hopes of better understanding the conditions under which Type A individuals might be expected to show exaggerated physiological reactivity. Toward this end, a measure designed to tap situation-specific stress-related cognitions was developed and tested. It was predicted that Type A's in a High Ego Threat condition would respond with greater levels of perceived threat and physiological reactivity than Type B's, and that levels of perceived threat would be positively correlated with levels of physiological reactivity. Data analyses did not lend support to the hypotheses. In the discussion, it was suggested that the null results stemmed from uncontrolled threats to statistical conclusion validity and insufficient construct validity. Suggestions for future research were offered.



Stress (Physiology), Stress (Psychology), Type A behavior