Memory Performance of Children with ADHD and Reading Disability



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The present study evaluated the use of the Selective Reminding Test in differentiating memory performance among children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Reading Disability (RD), and both ADHD and RD. Participants comprised 88 children (54 ADHD only, 17 RD only, and 17 ADHD/RD). Using a mixed model procedure, performance was compared on two measures of the Selective Reminding Test; Long Term Storage and Consistent Long Term Retrieval. Group x Task interactions were not significant, based on raw scores and z-scores, and there were no Group effects. However, performance of all groups was significantly below average. These results suggested that Long Term Storage and Consistent Long Term Retrieval were both associated with RD and ADHD; however, they were not differentially associated.



Selective Reminding Test, ADHD, Reading Disability, Memory