Sexual, psychosocial, and interpersonal ramifications of the inflatable penile prosthesis on the patient and his partner



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During the past decade there has been a dramatic increase in the number of patients seeking the penile prosthesis implant. This has been due primarily to the development of sophisticated methods for detecting organic etiology as a contributing factor to erectile failure as well as to the inclusion of individuals with psychogenic impotence. A review of recent literature indicated that there is a discrepancy in the criteria utilized in describing treatment results. Most of the outcome studies focus on the mechanical aspects of the prosthesis, and treatment outcomes are discussed in general terms. There are only a limited number of studies exploring the psychosocial aspects of the penile prosthesis and only a handful investigating the partner's attitudes and reactions toward the implant. The major purpose of this study was (1) to assess the psychosocial dimensions of the implant, i.e., the relationship between the penile implant and patient-partner satisfaction in both sexual and non-sexual aspects of their relationship; and (2) to delineate significant prognostic factors in adjusting to the prosthesis. [...]



Penile prostheses, Impotence, Sex therapy