Andre Gide: a study of the relationship between the author and his characters



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Andre Paul Guillame Gide was a controversial French writer. Some critics claimed he never wrote about anyone but himself; others denied that he used himself as a model for any but his first works. This paper is the result of a study to determine to what extent the characters of Andre Gide are autobiographical. The novel and novelle of Gide were chosen as a basis for this study because their characters are definite and their situations relatively clear. Each major character in these works was analyzed and his characteristics and actions noted in detail. Then a study was made of the author by reading his own autobiographical works and many biographies and studies of Gide. The characteristics and actions of Andre Gide were analyzed and noted. With the personalities of the author and his characters broken down into habits, characteristics and actions and organized, each character was again observed and his traits and attitudes matched with those of the author whenever this was possible. To avoid a confused jumble of characters, one book with its characters was studied at a time. [...]