A descriptive study of selected characteristics of selected students awarded bachelor's degrees at the University of Houston in June, 1968



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As a result of past studies, there are some data now available on a group basis on students graduating from the University of Houston. However, the number of studies is quite limited so there continues to be a need for information concerning the characteristics of students who earn a bachelor's degree. The Administrative Staff can make use of this information and such information must also be obtained if in the future a longitudinal study is to be conducted. Some of the important characteristics of the graduating students would be: a) Do most students transfer from other colleges, and how many hours are transferred? b) What is the nature of the academic record of the graduating students? To supply the above information this study was made on a sample of 185 students who were awarded bachelor's degrees by the University of Houston at the June Commencement, 1968. Some of the characteristics deemed significant for each student were: 1) The number of academic probations; 2) The number of academic suspensions; 3) The number of majors; 4) The date of admission to the University of Houston; 5) The student's quality point average. The 185 students included in this study were graduates of the College of Arte and Sciences. These students were candidates for graduation in January, 1968. The students were distributed between the two degrees from the College of Arts and Sciences as follows: 1. Bachelor of Arts - 77 students 2. Bachelor of Science - 108 students The basic data are presented in five separate tables. In three of the tables the tabulations are by degree awarded. Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. In the other two tables the information is tabulated by the degrees awarded and the number of semester hours transferred from other colleges. The information obtained from the records of the graduates and arranged into tables warranted the following conclusions: 1. Nearly half, or 49%. were never on academic probation. However, 51% had been on probation at least once. 2. The majority, or 83%, were never suspended for academic reasons. 3. About half the group, 52%, had only one major while attending the University of Houston. 4. Only 47, or 25%, of the group had completed all academic requirements for the degree at the University of Houston. 5. Of the sample group of 185 students, 32% were admitted to the University of Houston in the fall of 1965 or later; 36% were admitted to the University of Houston from the fall of 1963 to the fall of 1965; the remaining 32% were admitted prior to the fall of 1963. 6. With respect to quality point average, 38% had QPA's ranging from 2.00 to 2.49; 29% from 2.50 to 2.99; and 33% had a 3.00 (B grade) or above.



College students, Higher education