A pilot system for the Texas energy data bank and information retrieval system



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The problem for this research originated as one of the thirty seven projects of the 1973-74 State of Texas Governor's Energy Advisory Council. The Program Committee on Supply and Demand was given the task of developing an energy data base for the state of Texas and established the project, S/D-ll, "Development of an Energy Data Bank." The result of the project was the construction of S/D-ll's report, "Development of an Energy Data Bank: The Texas Energy Data Bank and Information Retrieval System," (TEDBIRS) which set out in outline form what was needed to make TEDBIRS functional, together with examples of the kinds of operations TEDBIRS should perform. This research project produced a small scale operational version of TEDBIRS which has the capabilities of being expanded to the complete system. The pilot system consists of a data management system capable of handling the time series data of TEDBIRS, a user language, and a prototype data base. The data management system consists of sixteen subroutines which initializes and updates all time series data to the system and occupies approximately 36K bytes of core on an IBM S/360-44. The user language consists of a retrieve command, twenty two analysis commands, two documentation commands all written in FORTRAN IV and occupying 108K bytes of core using an overlay structure. The command structure uses simple language and syntax which is suggestive of the operation requested. The language is capable of simple extension, making it very responsive to the user's needs. The prototype data base consists of 69 energy data vectors for the State of Texas over a twenty two year period beginning in 1952. Both the data management system and the user language are quite general, and the entire system could be applied to any data bank which is sequential in nature. In addition, the user language, outside of the retrieve command, is completely self-contained, conversational language, and can be applied by itself to user generated data sets. The entire system is computer system independent.