The Trade and Exchange of Obsidian in the Basin of Mexico during the Classic Period



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This thesis details the trade and exchange of Pachuca obsidian in the Basin of Mexico, focusing on the Teotihuacan Valley region, during the Classic Period by incorporating two intraregional models for Teotihuacan economy of Pachuca obsidian with both its urban and rural areas. The Tlajinga district is the focus of the urban area and the Teotihuacan Valley for the rural area, looking at the trade and exchange pattern between these two different areas and the interactions they had with Teotihuacan. Looking at Pachuca prismatic blades and obsidian cores emphasizes the importance of this obsidian in this region in its economic and symbolic value. The symbolic value comes from the obsidian blades imagery that are found in Teotihuacan that show obsidian as more than a utilitarian tool.



Obsidian, Mesoamerica, Teotihuacan