The relationship of blood volume and refractive changes in the eye



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The purpose of these experiments was to determine whether or not the blood volume of the eye was related to the refractive state of that organ. The idea was proposed that the blood volume of the ciliary processes might play a role in affecting the state of the crystalline lens through tension exerted on the zonules. Bleeding experiments resulting in decreased mean blood pressure prochiced a flattening of the leas, and blood volume determinations of the iris, ciliary body and remaining tissue of the eye indicated that not only did shifts in blood volume accompany refractive changes, but that refractive changes could be produced by regulating the blood volume of the eye. The ciliary body appeared to be no more significant in alteration of refractive states than did the portion of the eye containing the choroid. An increased blood volume was found to produce myopia, and indications are that an increased volume produces hypermetropia. No relation was established between pupillary diameter and iridal blood volumes. These findings support hypotheses presented by previous investigators.