Pulsed thermo-kinetic (PTK) studies on catalyst surfaces



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A novel method, termed the pulsed thermo-kinetic (PTK) technique has been developed to measure thermodynamic and kinetic parameters simultaneously. The method promises to furnish important information for the elucidation of adsorption and reaction processes and their relationship to solid surface properties. The apparatus is a modified DTA instrument. The sample and reference cells are packed beds connected to gas flow and pulsing equipment. Only the sample catalyst stream is pulsed, with the composition of the pulse followed by a thermal conductivity cell. By placing a suitable, chromatographic column between the sample catalyst cell and the detector, the apparatus may be operated as a pulsed microreactor except that heats of adsorption and/or reaction are simultaneously recorded together with the conversion. The PTK apparatus is operated isothermally for PTK measurements, but by utilizing the temperature programming features of the DTA equipment, combined DTA and TPD studies are possible. [...]