Dynamic modification of large scale modular programs



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The purpose of tills research is to analyze the basic functional characteristics of job control languages and linkage editors and investigate the interactive relations between the retrieval of data sets and the manipulation of user programs. As far as the characteristics of the large scale modular programs, the shortage of the main storage space and the extended overhead time is concerned, the planned overlay structure developed by the software system and the module processing refinement is the basis of this study. The plan for reducing the overhead time of large scale modular programs is achieved by dynamic use and combination of the various retrieval data sets and processing programs. An algorithm with greater heuristic power than any other method known to the author is successfully constructed to improve this situation. A proposed program, which is typically suitable for experimentation, is presented and explained in detail to clarify the technique. A complete system is conceivable under further exploration and careful consideration. However, the basic detailed logic approach has been identified. It is evident that the approach will prove to be both feasible and valuable to the handling of large scale modular programs.