A systems approach model for the application of general systems theory principles to education



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The purpose of this study was to develop a model of a systems approach that was applicable to the educational system. This required an in-depth review of the literature in four areas: (1) general systems theory as described by writers in various disciplines, (2) systems approach principles as described and applied in various disciplines, (3) general system theory as described by educators, and (4) systems approach principles as described in educational literature. The study was conducted in two phases. The initial phase was the in-depth review of system-oriented literature and the development of a proposed systems approach model. The second phase of the study involved an evaluation and validation by a review panel of selected educators who are known for their expertise in the field of systems theory, system approach principles, and. related subjects. The second phase finalized a system approach model that was considered as consisting of three basic phases: system analysis, system design, and system management. All three, not just one of the three phases constitutes a system approach. The study concluded that the lack of consensus, as evidenced in the literature and the review by the review panel, of what constitutes a system approach and how to use related procedures within the framework of a system approach has resulted in inaccurate use of system principles and concepts. A rigorous examination and application of the principles and concepts as presented in the model proposed by this study was recommended to provide a foundation for future research in the field of education, and in particular in educational administration.



Education, System theory