The submission and the belief in fate in the shame and guilt-oriented societies



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Shame and guilt orientations in cultures have been Studied as a topic by scholars who have come from different theoretical backgrounds for a long time. The cumulative findings have been that shame-oriented cultures are more often found in Asia and among primitive societies, while guilt-oriented cultures are more often found in Western Europe and America. However, the dichotomous viewpoint of shame and guilt cultures has been partly disapproved by the finding of this research, that Chinese society, a society of Asia, is not only a shame-oriented but also a guilt-oriented society. The Chinese who rely on shame mechanisms are also likely to emphasize guilt mechanisms to ensure good behavior. In addition to this finding, this research also found that the Chinese are more likely than the Americans to perceive the world as controlled by external forces, and are more likely to be submissive.



Shame, Guilt, Ethics--China