A study of thermal electron attachment and ion-molecule reactions using electron capture detector-mass spectrometer

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The thermal electron attachment (TEA) to compounds is investigated by electron capture detector-mass spectrometer (ECD-MS). The ECD serves as the ionization and reaction cell for a quadrupole mass spectrometer operating exclusively in the negative ion mode. Ion products formed in the cell diffuse through a pinhole and are detected by the mass spectrometer. A 63Ni foil is used to provide the electron swarm, which is sufficiently thermalized, for ionizing compounds. The cell pressure can be varied from a few torr up to several atm, while the cell temperature is always kept below 325[degrees]C. Samples can be introduced to the ECD-MS by injection or continuous flow. The system also has controls for the carrier gas, the gas flow rate, and the reagent concentration. [...]

Electrons--Capture, Mass spectrometry, Ions