The function of clinical experiences in baccalaureate nursing curricula on State Board Test Pool Examination passing rates



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Introduction and Statement of the Problem Since the American Nurses1 Association's 1985 proposal that the baccalaureate degree be required for anyone entering the profession of nursing, there has been a steady growth in nursing programs which grant baccalaureate degrees. Such growth has resulted in an increased number of graduates attempting the State Board Test Pool Examination (SBTPE). Passing all five areas of this examination becomes critical as licensure to practice legally as registered nurses is attained only via this route. Baccalaureate programs purport to supply learning experiences to prepare the graduate to function in beginning roles of professional nursing; such curricula should at least prepare them to pass the SBTPE. Since baccalaureate education is the most costly in time and expense, failing the examination represents a great loss to the candidate and the profession. [...]



Nursing--Study and teaching, Nursing schools--Curricula